Thursday, November 19, 2009

Distemper Cure for Canines

Schnops at 4 Mos.

Hi Folks:
My name is Daveyo, and I would like to inform you that there is now officially a full cure for Canine Distemper Disease and my site is a Authenticated Medical Site. I along with Dr. Alson W. Sears and Dr. Suthee of Thailand, both together finally made it possible to cure these animals completely and is able to eliminate the offending virus within 24 hours both in the body and in the CNS. Yes, today we now can say this is absolutely true, and you might find it hard to believe after all these years that there is finally a proven medical cure, and all this is real , and it's extremely successful. None of this involves homeopathic or herbal remedies. All of it is PURE MEDICAL PROVEN SCIENCE.
NDV is a bird-based vaccine which is used as an immune stimulator and creates the cytokines that cures both the body and the CNS, which is most important to achieve a full cure, and there is absolutely no side effects to the CNS when given NDV. It is also believed this same discovery can also cure possibly Multiple Sclerosis in humans in the CNS because it is the very same virus called Measles which is Distemper in animals.
The Serum X from Dr. Sears that he discovered himself made from this same bird based vaccine created the necessary cytokines from a healthy donor dog and gave us the actual Holy Grail multi-use treatment to cure not only Distemper but other diseases that affects animals as well with absolutely no side effects. Dr. Sears has an impressive track record of over 700 actual client cases in which it has cured the body, and now I have around 20 actual client cases of cures in the CNS. The number of dogs that go on to live long, happy and healthy lives continues to grow monthly. The discovery for the cure in the CNS officially came out in November 2007 from me and Dr. Suthee for the first time world wide on two live animals that belonged to me. The benefits so received from this discovery and the authentic data is tremendous and finally closed the loophole that eluded many a researcher and VETS for years.
Most of you who read this will say, "well how come it is not known by these vets?" The answer is quite complex as it is very hard to get it into the Medical Journals in spite of having presented the full proof in front of the Veterinary Board. They claim this is impossible despite having seen the actual results of the cure, and some assume we are Voodoo Doctors.
So it's very important; if you want to save your beloved pet please do take the time to read up on all the pertinent information at my website and do register and paricipate in discussion there to obtain the full benefit of our assistance in getting your questions answered, and a print a copy of the protocol instructions to provide your vet.
Please also encourage your vet to join and become actively involved too and participate with us so they can learn more from us and become a better Vet in the long run.
I would like to also extend a request for people to please donate us some money at my site so we can make this serum which is multi-use, but also to save puppies who otherwise would have no chance at all to survive the diseases onslaught. NDV cannot save puppies because it cannot work with a young under-developed immune system. Any amount that you can spare to give to help the cause to make the serum and donated to my site will be recorded and so acknowledged.
I have a staff of volunteers who are bonifide and trained DVM's along with experts and advisors who are working with me to help cure these dogs and cats. We will do our best to help you the best way we can and give you the proper advice needed to cure and save your beloved pet.
My site is also very mindful of the financial impact that many owners are faced with, and also mindful of many VETS who are truly very incompetent and they have absolutely no idea on how to treat this disease the proper way, and many have reported to me of the charges of which some of it is so outrageous, it stimulates even me.
It is up to you to take the initiative and commence action and make a decision at time of such crisis, as it is well understood emotions do run high and many are desperate and at the same time doubts pop up and some owners get different opinions from various people. I know myself as I went thru the very same thought process and same desperation and feelings and even saw two of my dogs die on my lap from this disease and the feeling of helplessness when it happened, and fully understand the same position you are in regarding your situation. Because of this, it pushed me to find a cure and I did find that cure in November of 2007 for the CNS.
Please feel free to go to my site and review the proven Medical information and protocols, and ask us questions of which we can answer back to you medically which will help hopefully to alleviate your fears and doubts you may have in your mind and give you a chance to save your beloved pet and watch a real true miracle happen right before your very own two eyes. This site is dedicated to help you save your pet and you can save your pet if you follow the entire proven medical protocol without deviation.
Again Thanks for Reading this Blog notice.

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